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Start With Simple Questions.

Most owners can describe exactly who they DON’T want to sell to…

When I ask an owner who they’d like to sell to someday, they usually say “they’ve never really thought about it.”  But if I turn it around, and ask who they DON’T want to sell to, the flood gates open:  “I don’t want anyone who won’t take care of what I’ve built, my people, and our customers.   This is my legacy, and even after I sell, I’m going to be connected to it forever.  I put my heart and soul into this place.”


What Would I Do With My Time If I Sell?

Every owner has that “If I had the time I’d... ” Well, we all have 24 hrs in our day. Is there something else, or a different business you’d really rather be focused on now?

What Would I Do With The Money?

None of us can stay in the game forever, and that’s a good thing. If you sold and took the money, what would you rather do with it? In most cases, just getting out from under the constant worry about the business and the people that depend on you, is liberating.

It’s Always Been My Dream For The Kids To Take Over... I Wonder If It's Their Dream, Too?

Most kids need a job, and don’t want to squash your dream. But is that enough? Let’s figure out what they’d get in a sale, and ask them what they’d prefer... you may be surprised.

How Should I Spend The 24-hours in my day?

The person you were when you started in the business is not who you are today. Are you still living the life that you wanted then, or the one you want now?

What If ???

Most owners have never thought about it, until I ask, and then the flood gates open!

I know I’ll eventually have to decide what’s next, so why do I hate to even think about it, let alone talk about it?

Most owners tell me they like the “control of their destiny” that owning the business provides, and fear selling would result in loss of purpose and control.  Then once we dig into things they realize the business is what’s controlling their destiny, not the other way around. The uncertainty is what they fear. If they just allow themselves to dream… the cycle of finding their new purpose, defining it’s execution, and acting will start again.

Selling a business takes time, especially if you want to maximize your returns.

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