Your Concerns, Real and Imagined...

While logic suggest the path from starting a business, to selling it should be an orderly and “linear process”, it NEVER is.  I know owners who thought about selling within 6 months of starting the business, and again every few months for the next 30 years, until they finally did.

The decision to sell is seldom orderly, or rational, and usually a “real-time” and ever-changing function of the owners other options.  Real or imagined.

We get it, let’s set a call to explore what you’re afraid of, what you know for sure, and the stuff in between.

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Most Business Brokers

Business brokers in Colorado are not licensed.

FACT: There is no license required to be a business broker in Colorado.  Crazy, right?

Colorado business brokers should be licensed...

If the marketing or sale of a business includes the sell or lease of real estate, a valid Colorado Real-estate license is required. Many business brokers don’t have a real-estate license.

Business brokers traditionally use cold calling to find sellers.

Have you ever received a call from a broker saying, “I’ve got a buyer who is very interested in your business,” but they won’t disclose the buyer’s name for confidentiality reasons? In reality, there probably is no buyer, but they are hoping you’ll “bite”… we all like secret admirers, right?

Most brokers get as many listings as possible.

These brokers will find as many sellers as they can, value their businesses as cheaply as possible, and work to get them sold to the first buyer who can close, with little regard for either buyer or seller after the close.

Many brokers charge two fees.

They will charge an up-front fee to value the business, and build the marketing plan and package for buyers to review. They will THEN charge a commission from the sale if they sell your business. Some brokers can make a living preparing “seller’s packages”, without ever selling a businesses.

Buyers get no respect.

Business brokers don’t get paid by buyers, and they sometimes get played by them.  So in the same way owners avoid business brokers, business brokers avoid buyers.

So How is FreshStart Different?

We only work for you.

We never get paid by buyers. We only work for business owners to sell their businesses.

We don’t charge up-front packaging fees.

We won’t charge you for assembling your financials, valuing your business, or creating a report for buyers. We don’t charge you for every meeting or phone call. Like you, we get paid when the sale closes. Period.

We only take 5-7 listings at once.

We’ve found that any more than that will spread us too thin, and not allow us to give every client the attention they deserve. 75% of our work happens AFTER the buyer and seller have signed an LOI (letter of intent) to do the deal.

We don’t do blind cold calls.

We won’t call business owners with stories that are too good to be true.  Instead, we use our ‘Mind Your Business’ white-board animation series, and other formats to provide value BEFORE you need us, so you’ll feel comfortable reaching back when you do.

We know most owners (and buyers, for that matter) have never bought or sold a business.

5% of owners have an “exit plan,” and know when they want to sell.  95% do not.  5% have bought or sold a business, 95% never have.  That’s where we come in.  All we ask is that you reach out to us BEFORE you know for sure if or when you want to sell, and before a life-changing event decides that for you.  And it’s FREE until we get it sold……on your terms!

We actually respect buyers, (and their bankers/advisors)

News flash:  I’ve never done a deal where there was not a buyer.  As soon as I sign a contract with an owner to sell their business I tell them, “Thanks, now we have to go to work for the buyer and their bank.”  They are a bit shocked, until I tell them “From the NDA through the close, the deal has to make sense for everyone, or it won’t work for anyone.”

How we define success.

Simple…..a year after the close the seller, the buyer, their banker, and the business broker are willing to meet for dinner because they basically got what they expected out of the deal.

We keep things quiet.

We market the business discreetly, and require all buyers to complete a profile, and NDA before they learn the name or location of the business. We then spend time talking with each buyer to find out why they are interested. They have to convince us they could buy and operate the business before they ever meet the seller.