So What's Involved in Selling My Business?

Valuation, SWOT analysis, defining the target buyers, putting together the marketing package, attracting multiple interested and qualified buyers (we usually work with 30-75 potential buyers before a sale closes with one of them). From the listing to the close takes 12-18 months of US working every day with buyers, bankers, CPAs, attorneys, landlords, and advisors to close the sale, while you focus on running the business.  Not to mention our work to broker the real-estate sale, if included.

Got’cha thinking… so now what?

Now That Your Thinking About Selling, What's Next?

When should I contact you about selling my business?

When you are actually ready to TALK about it. Every owner thinks about it, but if you’re not ready to talk about it, you’re not ready. No problem, we’ll be here when you are. Just remember it takes 12-18 months to close AFTER we have worked to prepare yourself, and the business for the sale.

I’m not sure what I want from selling my business.

Usually sellers want 4 things:  Money, freedom to focus on something else, their sanity, and their nights/weekends back!  Let’s talk about how to do it.

How much will FreshStart charge?

We usually work with sellers of businesses with $1MM-$15MM in revenue. We only get paid at the close, if we sell the business. The amount depends. Watch my ‘Mind Your Business’ white-board animation on what do I charge to sell a business. If there is real estate being sold or leased, that is done under an exclusive-right-to sell/lease contract, separate from the contract for the exclusive-right-to-sell the business.

I Already Have A Buyer (my child, a trusted employee, or a competitor). Why Should I Use A Broker?

Click the link here to watch our 60-sec ‘Mind Your Business’ video titled “Family, Competitors, Trusted Employees.”

I want to sell, but my business has some issues I need to correct.

Have you ever seen or heard of a “perfect business?” Buyers haven’t either. For buyers, there is no upside to buying a “perfect business.” They could only keep the business the same, or screw it up. Buyers want a decent business that they can tune up and take to the next level.  Click here to watch our 60-sec ‘Mind Your Business’ video called  “Perfect or Broken Businesses.”

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